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What To Look For In A Scaffolding Company

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If you’re intent on carrying out your own construction project and need some scaffolding to aid you, there's an alarming amount of matters you should think about before deciding which scaffolding hire company is best suited to your needs. Although there are heaps of of scaffolding hire companies to pick from with comparable services and equipment, there are usually major differences in costs and quality, so it's critical that you perform adequate research to make sure that your project operates on-time, on budget, and safely. To assist you in deciding which scaffolding hire choice to choose, we've constructed an insightful guide to help you find a scaffolding contractor that supplies cost-efficient, safe, and legal scaffolding hire solutions.


Add paragraph text here.When it concerns construction and the use of scaffolding, safety is obviously of greatest importance. There are numerous rules and regulations pertaining to the construction of buildings and working at heights, specifically if your project involves a unique and intricate design. Don't be afraid to ask to see evidence of a scaffolding company's accreditation as this is tremendously important for the safety of you and those around you. Normally, basic structures don't require special permits, however taller and larger projects will require a complete risk assessment before you can even start working on it..


Another obvious but vital detail when it concerns scaffolding hire companies is insurance. By law, every business in Australia with registered employees must have employers' liability insurance. Due to the fact that you are accountable for hiring the scaffolding equipment, it is your duty to confirm that the scaffolding company you opt for has the appropriate insurance, including public liability insurance. This will guarantee that if any damage occurs to property or people resulting from scaffold use, there is appropriate insurance to cover any damages. If you discover that a scaffolding company hesitates in presenting you with proof of their relevant insurance policies, simply cross them off the list!


Given that the scaffolding industry is extremely regulated because of the high degree of risk presented to people and property, only fully trained and qualified staff can erect, modify, and disassemble scaffolding. Every scaffolding company in Australia must be registered and licenced with the relevant bodies, and all personnel must be appropriately trained based on industry standards. Before you choose any scaffolding company to provide you with their services, it's vital that you ensure that they have the appropriate credentials.


If you've hired scaffolding equipment in the past, you'll surely be aware that fees can vary significantly between companies. It's always a clever idea to do some shopping around and get several quotes from different providers, however keep in mind that safety should never compromised. Furthermore, it's crucial that the quotes you receive from each provider is inclusive of all the equipment required during the course of your project. For example, are ladders included? What extra fees are involved if your project runs longer than expected? Are there any refunds if you finish early? And finally, will the scaffolding company charge you extra for inspections and paperwork? These are a few considerations that you should bear in mind when determining which scaffolding hire company is best suited for your needs.


Experience is paramount in the scaffolding industry. Although basic scaffolding is fairly easy to erect and dismantle, there are lots of outside factors that have to be considered such as obstructed access and uneven surfaces. As well as this, more complicated scaffolding requires experienced workmanship to guarantee the project can be performed safely and professionally. Hence, experience plays a leading role in the amount of safety you'll receive while undertaking your project, so speak with the staff about similar types of jobs they've been involved with and what risk factors should be taken into account.

There are plenty of risks involved with scaffolding and construction projects, so it's extremely important that you pick a scaffolding hire company that is appropriately trained and licenced, is up to date with all insurance details, and has ample experience in the kind of project you'll be undertaking. All of these aspects will reduce the risk of any accidents or injuries, ensuring that you and those around you are as safe as possible while completing your project. One of the most trustworthy and experienced scaffolding companies in Australia is Uni-Span, so if you're trying to find a safe place to start, get in touch with them by phoning 1300 882 825, or visit their website to find out more:

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